Luiren occupies a strategic position, nestled between the Western Wall, the TBD Mountains and the sea. Despite it’s important location it has remained just out of reach of the major kingdoms of the empire and has always maintained a high degree of autonomy. Although sparsely population the area is well known for having perhaps the largest concentration of halflings in the WEST CONT who live mostly in small farming and fishing communities. Settlements of humans, dwarves can also be found throughout the area.

The people of Luiren tend to be quite superstitious, and the people pride themselves on knowing much about the spirits inhabiting the area. Perhaps the most well-known belief of the Luiren believe that in each home resides an ala or “house spirit” that looks over the home and it’s inhabitants. The people of Luiren believe that these house spirits reside in a pair of old shoes, and so each house leaves a pair of old shoes next to the hearth.

Another well known tradition is dajemma (also spelled darjemma), a type of coming-of-age tradition for young Luiren men and women to travel to foreign lands to see and understand more of the world before deciding they were ready to settle down (a expected outcome of dajemma).

The smoky sjorl cheese originates in Luiren, although foreigners often find it unpleasant it is a staple of the Luiren diet. Jhuild, also known as Luiren firewine, is made in and exported from Luiren. Other food commonly found in Luiren includes rabbit sausage, rothe cheese, and bread; honeycake and scrump (a potent fermented cider); and boiled grains and berries for breakfast. Samovar, a strong, bitter tea is also often found.


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