The people of Tirana are called Tirani. The small city-state itself is surrounded by a vast desert wasteland to the north, which provides natural fortifications, making Tirana, combined with its massive walls, an ideally defensible region against the Black Hands and the Nar who are known to attack the territory on a rather frequent basis. Geographically, the northern of Tirana is predominantly barren and ravaged by strong, harsh winds; while the tiny peninsula itself is cooler and maintains a more placid environment, which is considerably more hospitable for habitation.

The city is very wealthy, and is a hotbed of magical activity, with roughly half of the population being active magic users. Tirana also boasts a large collection of known, and unknown portals to areas known and unknown. If one is looking to purchase a magical item or seeking magical training, this would be the most logical place.

Besides being the major miner and exporter of various rare minerals, the city is also well known for having a strong, matriarchal society that is often compared with Drow society. The city is more or less run by the Witches of Tiran, with Shema at it’s head and other Witches serving in all main political, economic, theocratic and educational positions. It is quite normal for women to the be the heads of households and occasionally to marry more than one husband.

Life in the cities of Tirana is touched by magic in many ways. The quiet streets are lined with houses, both ostentatious and modest, each of which has at least a few built-in magical enhancements. While the street lamps shine at night with self-adjusting, light-producing spells; a favorite practice among youth who seek to play tricks on their peers is to produce “walls” of magical coral that grow to enclose everything from a home or garden to a chest containing books and personal effects. Spells that produce sparkling light and pleasing sounds are often woven into fine fabrics to enhance their beauty. Fanciful means of travel, such as carpets of flying are commonplace. Everywhere in Tirana, the people take great pains to show off their abilities as well as their wealth.


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